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Quantum Computation with Superconducting Circuits
Applied Physics, Physics
Quantum Computer Science
Computer Science
Quantum Communication
and Networks
Applied Physics, Physics
Quantum Sensors
Applied Physics, Physics
Quantum Transducers and Optomechanics
Applied Physics, Engineering, Physics
Quantum-enabled Searches for Physics beyond the Standard Model
Quantum Chemistry
Quantum Optics/Photonics
Applied Physics, Engineering, Physics
Quantum Materials
Applied Physics, Chemistry, Physics
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Quantum Control
Chemistry, Physics
Atomic and Molecular Physics/Chemistry
Chemistry, Physics

What is a quantum computer?

Study and Work in Quantum Sciences and Information

Undergraduate Students

During the summer, some of the research groups hire Yale undergraduate students for short research projects. These projects can be extended to one or two semesters depending on interest and time commitment. Reach out to the Principal Investigator of the research group of your choice.

Graduate Students

The Principal Investigators of quantum research groups are regularly looking for new graduate students. Admission to our graduate programs is open to students with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in physics, applied physics, chemistry, and materials science, or closely related areas of engineering. For details on the general Yale application process, please consult the Yale Graduate School website.

Postdoctoral Associates

Applications accepted on a continuous basis. Reach out to the Principal Investigator of the research group of your choice.




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Bridging Across Departments and Disciplines

Interdisciplinary quantum research is performed in a number of departments and in labs all across Yale from Science Hill to Engineering to the West Campus.

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