Quantum Week at Yale

April 8 to 14, 2022

23 quantum events all over campus!

From Friday April 8 to Thursday April 14 (World Quantum Day!), the Yale Quantum Institute partnered with 18 institutes, centers and departments to bring you Quantum Week at Yale (or QWAY).

QWAY is a full week of quantum-related events (23 in total!) all over campus to help people outside the field to enter the fascinating world of quantum science and to celebrate Yale leadership in this field!

There are a lot of activities around Quantum Sciences and Information at Yale. Yale quantum researchers, leader in the field, performed the world's first demonstration of two-qubit algorithms with a superconducting quantum processor in 2009 and saw their technology widely used in the recent quantum breakthroughs. Quantum science and engineering was identified as one of five top priority areas for the next decade in the University’s Science Strategy Report, and Yale is developing a state-of-the-art building that is intended to transform the pursuit of quantum science, engineering, and materials research. However, for most of people on campus, quantum physics stays an obscure topic filled up with dead and alive cats and other spooky actions at a distance. The program is built around four themes to offer various audiences all the information one needs to understand quantum, whether you have never heard of quantum or are an expert in the field:

Understanding Quantum
If you are intrigued by quantum science but it seems inaccessible to you, consider attending one or more of these events. Designed especially for the general public, they do not require any previous knowledge and will teach you key points of quantum science in an accessible way.

Art & Quantum
Strong of its Artist-in-Residence program, YQI use art as a medium to engage audiences around the topic of quantum physics, and QWAY is no exception. The week features a large number of events mixing art, humanities and quantum, to bridge the gap between Science Hill and the rest of campus.

Career and Entrepreneurship
This section of the program is ideal for students interested in pursuing careers in quantum science at Yale or in other institutions, or the industry. Take full advantage of the program to learn more about career path, opportunities, and networking to join a field in full expansion.

For Researchers
If you are already in the field, you can also enjoy Quantum Week with an offering of technical talks especially for quantum researchers.

AUDIENCE: Due to the current Yale covid policy, only Yale affiliated members authorized on campus can attend Quantum Week at Yale. We are monitoring any eventual policy changes and will inform you if we can welcome the New Haven Community to these events.

Quantum Week at Yale is created by Florian Carle for the Yale Quantum Institute, in partnership with the Arts Library, the Bass Library, the Beinecke Library, the Departments of Applied Physics, Computer Science, and Physics, the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, the Marx library, the New Haven Museum, the Office of Career Strategy, RCUL Jewelry, Tsai CITY, the Science Librarians at Yale, the Whitney Humanities Center, Wright Lab, the Yale Undergraduate Quantum Computing group, Yale SEAS, and the Yale Schwarzman Center.
QWAY flyer was designed by Martha W Lewis.

Yale Quantum Institute,
4th floor, 17 Hillhouse Avenue
April 8 to April 14, 2022

Friday, April 8

9 AM - 12 PM
Quantum Sensing Workshop
@ Wright Lab
Wright Lab

Audience: Yale Quantum Researchers - Program and info here

Quantum science is one of five top priority areas identified by Yale University’s Science Strategy. Yale’s Wright Lab is exploring the applications of quantum science and sensing to tests of fundamental physics. This workshop brings together researchers from Wright Lab, along with keynote speaker Dmitry Budker (Helmholtz Institute Mainz at Johannes Gutenberg University and University of California, Berkeley), to discuss their work and future opportunities in this field.

Register here.

7 - 9 PM
Screening of 2013 Indie Thriller Coherence
@ Alice Cinema - Basement of the Humanities Quadrangle
Alice Cinema

Audience: Yale affiliated members only - Swipe access required

For the kick off of Quantum Week at Yale, we invite you to come watch the 2013 indie thriller Coherence (trailer here) on Yale's brand new screen: Alice Cinema. Based on quantum mechanics principle, a simple house dinner party between friends takes a drastic turn when the Halley’s Comet collapses the superposition of states of the house itself... YQI manager Florian Carle will give a brief introduction/commentary on how quantum physics is used as an effective plot to increase the tension at this dinner party!

Saturday & Sunday, April 9-10

Hands-on experience on Quantum Computers

10 AM - 10 AM
Quantum Coalition Hack 2022
@ Online
QC Hack

Audience: Open to all

The Quantum Coalition, composed of Yale and Stanford undergraduate students, return for the 2022 QCHack: 24h to solve in teams or solo problems with quantum computers! The QC Hack will be preceded by a week of tutorials starting on Monday April 4 at 2 pm

Full schedule and registration at quantumcoalition.io

Monday, April 11

Understanding Quantum

10 - 11 AM
Tour of the superconducting qubits laboratories
@ Becton Center
Visitors in Becton

Audience: Yale affiliated members only. Space is limited, sign up here.

Join us for a guided tour the quantum laboratories in Becton Center and see the superconducting qubits and the dilution fridges.

1 - 2 PM
MLS Presentation
@ Yale Quantum Institute

Audience: Invited Yale quantum researchers only

Technical seminar given by Jahan Claes, graduate student in the Schoelkopf Lab on his research.

2 - 4 PM
Pop up Exhibition: Rare Books on Quantum and Science at the Beinecke Library
@ Beinecke Library

Audience: Yale libraries are open to current students, faculty, and staff

A selection of rare books and manuscripts from 1511 to the Twentieth Century from the collections of the Beinecke Library. Featured authors include Galileo, Newton, Gibbs, Einstein, Heisenberg, Planck, and Bohr.

4 - 5 PM
Quantum matter, clock, and fundamental physics
@ Physics Club
Physics Club

Audience: Yale affiliated students and researchers - Online

The Yale Physics Department presents a Physics Club talk given by Jun Ye from JILA. Precise engineering of quantum states of matter and innovative laser technology are revolutionizing the performance of atomic clocks and metrology, providing new opportunities to explore emerging phenomena, test fundamental symmetry, and search for new physics. I will highlight recent work where the gravitation red shift within a single atomic ensemble is measured at the 2 x 10-20 level.

Tuesday, April 12

Career & Entrepreneurship Day

10 - 10:45 AM
Company Intelligence and Market Research Sources for Quantum
@ Online
Market Research

Audience: Open to all Yale students - Register here

Have you had difficulty locating information about private and venture-backed companies needed for a job interview? Are you frustrated when you hit a paywall after locating the perfect market research report on the web? This workshop, which is aimed at users who do not have a formal business background, will briefly introduce resources at Yale for finding company intelligence and market research from major industry analysts such as PitchBook, PrivCo, CB Insights, BCC Research and MarketResearch.com.
Participants will utilize the research guide for innovation and entrepreneurship to locate companies and market research related to quantum, and understand how to find intelligence on private and venture-backed companies.

12 - 1 PM
Quantum Start: a creative tensions talk
@ Tsai CITY
Quantum Start with Tsai CITY

Audience: Recommended for Yale students. Reporting press is not allowed.

In this session, undergraduate and graduate students from across Yale University will discuss the brand-new startup ecosystem in quantum computing and the many different roles available (AI, chemistry, computer science, materials, math, philosophy, physics, finance) now and in the near future. In a field that is transitioning from a playground for just physicists into one needing more interdisciplinary efforts, tech evangelist Matt Hooper and special guests will guide participants to the opportunities that are opening up for young scientists and all others who are not scared of bringing new ideas to this field from outside this community.

Register here.

4 - 5 PM
Quantum Computing and Global Affairs: A Special Conversation with IBM's Mark Ritter
@ Jackson Institute for Global Affairs - Horchow Hall
Jackson Institute

Audience: Yale affiliated members only

What are the global implications of recent breakthroughs in both the theory and practice of quantum science? What are the potential roadmaps and notional timelines for the development of these emerging technologies? Will these advances strengthen cooperation or heighten the prospects of competition and conflict among nations?
Dr. Mark Ritter is Chair of IBM’s Physical Sciences Council a widely recognized national leader and an active advocate of quantum science. He is a member of the National Quantum Initiative Advisory Committee and served on the first governing board of the Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C). Dr. Ritter was the recipient of the 1982 American Physical Society Apker Award for his work on the optical and magnetic properties of solids. He received M.S., M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees in Applied Physics from Yale University in 1987.
The talk will be moderated by Steven Girvin, Yale’s Eugene Higgins Professor of Physics and Applied Physics and Member of the Co-Design Center for Quantum Advantage, Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Register here.

Wednesday, April 13

Art & Science Day

12 - 1 PM
Dumpster Diving: Historical Memory and Quantum Physics at Yale
@ Yale Schwarzman Center

Audience: Yale affiliated members only - Space limited

Did you know Badger, the dilution refrigerator which hosted the world’s first demonstration of two-qubit algorithms with a superconducting quantum processor in 2009, is here at Yale? As technology goes from Research & Development to mass production, how do we preserve the historical memory and ephemera once the innovator moves on: the researcher graduates, changes institutions, or retires, and the delocalization of the industry?
Join Florian Carle, manager at Yale Quantum Institute (YQI) and inaugural YQI Artist in Residence Martha W. Lewis in this Session to discuss the best practices in conservation, archiving, and exhibiting the history and advancements of technology. Everyone is welcome, from Artists, digital humanists, archivists, conservationists, historians to scientists, to brainstorm how one removes themselves and their biases from record keeping.

Register here.

1:30 - 4:30 PM
Visualize Science - Quantum Edition
@ Wright Lab
Visualize Science

Audience: Open to all artists and scientists with a Yale Affiliation. Register before March 31.

Artists and scientists with a Yale affiliation are invited to participate in the second annual competition for teams of artists and scientists to collaborate and create a conceptual model of a quantum concept (to be revealed at the start of the competition) and realize it in either two- or three-dimensional format using materials provided for the competition.

5 - 7 PM
Exhibition Opening: The Quantum Revolution - Handcrafted in New Haven
@ New Haven Museum
New Haven Museum

Audience: Open to the public - Masks required

In the late 1990s a small revolution started in New Haven. Experimentalists and theorists at Yale started to focus their attention on quantum mechanics to leverage its properties to build a new type of computer that could, in theory, overpower any of the current computers. After a decade of hard work and several technological breakthroughs, these researchers ran in 2009 the world’s first demonstration of two-qubit algorithms with a superconducting quantum processor inside a dilution refrigerator called Badger.
With this exhibition, we hope to show you what an incredible set of achievements this is. Scattered around the room are cavities, qubits, and substrates (the nuts and bolts of quantum architecture), all invented and handcrafted in New Haven by generations of researchers. The handcrafted nature of each device gives individual fridges a unique look, function, and characteristics, which prompted YQI Artist-in-Residence Martha Willette Lewis to create “fridge portraits” of these chilly mechanisms. For over 20 years, researchers in New Haven have built strong, meaningful relationships with their machines. Each fridge has a unique name, function, and story that we invite you to discover here.

Register here to attend the opening.

The show will be on display until September 16, 2022.

Thursday, April 14

World Quantum Day

10 - 11:30 AM
Hands-on programing: Build your own interference patterns
@ Department of Computer Science (AKW second floor lounge)

Audience: Yale students

Come join us in this hands-on experience where you can use our software tool to create your own quantum interference patterns. This session will be highly interactive. Don’t forget to ask us about how we generate the visualizations with Feynman-path simulators running in the cloud.

12 - 1 PM
2021 Distinguished Lecturer - Nathan Wiebe
@ Yale Quantum Institute
Nathan Wiebe

Audience: More appropriate for Yale quantum reserarchers but open to all Yale affiliated members.

The Yale Quantum Institute Distinguished Lecturer recognizes a researcher whose work significantly advances quantum science, with emphasis on the areas of mesoscopic physics, nanoscience, quantum information, quantum computing and related theoretical and mathematical topics. For the 2021 Prize, YQI welcomes Nathan Wiebe from the University of Washington.

8 - 8:30 PM
Sound & Light Show for the release of the "Quantum Sound" album
@ Outside Yale Quantum Institute
Quantum Sound

Audience: Outside - Open to all.

Come celebrate World Quantum Day with the release of album “Quantum Sound” with a 30-minute synchronized light show on the facade of 17 Hillhouse avenue, home of the Yale Quantum Institute.

“Quantum Sound” is the recording of a live performance where Spencer Topel (sound artist and composer) and Kyle Serniak & Luke Burkhart (quantum researchers) who used superconducting quantum devices as physical synthesizers to create a set of experimental noise music! The album will be available on all the streaming platforms (Pre-save on Spotify here) and you will be able to pre-order the vinyl version.

All week

8 AM - 2:30 PM
Display takeover
@ Ground Café at the CEID
Ground Coffee

Audience: Yale affiliated members only

The giant LED panel gets a quantum makeover!

8:30 AM - 2 AM
Quantum Reads
@ Bass Library
Quantum Reads

Audience: Yale libraries are open to current students, faculty, and staff.

Recommended readings from members of Yale Quantum Institute and librarians. The selections aim to make the subject accessible and to demonstrate the range of library collections in quantum and related fields. Feel free to borrow books on display. We have more! The book display is located at the front of the Bass Library from the Thain Café entrance on Cross Campus.

8:30 AM - 11 PM
Quantum at Marx
@ Marx Library
Marx Library

Audience: Yale libraries are open to current students, faculty, and staff.

An online display of resources for quantum research.

9 AM - 5 PM
Superconductive Jewelry Collection
@ Yale Quantum Institute
Superconductive Jewelry

Audience: Yale affiliated members only.

YQI events coordinator Racquel Miller displays some of her jewelry pieces inspired by the hardware of superconductive computers. Some of her pieces are free formed with wire by twisting, wrapping, and swirling in different directions focusing on a central point, not unlike the quantum researchers handcrafting their experiments. It is a piece of wearable art which represent the smaller things that we are made of and the larger picture that we are a part of. It is to encourage you to think about your place in the world and the influence you have or receive by your surroundings.

8:30 AM - 11 PM
Quantum and the Arts
@ Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library
Arts Library

Audience: Yale libraries are open to current students, faculty, and staff.

Peruse some examples of how artists and performers have been inspired by quantum concepts, and science in general, in a book display at the Arts Library.

Permanent collection
Quantum at Yale
@ Online Exhibition
Quantum-Online Exhibit

Audience: Online - Open to all.

In collaboration with Marx Science and Social Science Library, the exhibit celebrates Yale University’s achievements in advancing our fundamental understanding of quantum science and engineering and turning quantum physics into practical technologies. Viewers will discover profiles of quantum researchers, highlights of faculty authored books, illustrations of fundamental instruments and equipment, and entrepreneurial ventures.

Visit the online exhibition here.

Permanent collection
How to Join the Quantum Workforce?
@ Online Professional Development Panels

Audience: Online - Open to all.

Building quantum technology requires a lot of people with different backgrounds (physicists, electrical engineers, computer scientists, software engineers, chemists, …) and it can be overwhelming to consider a career in quantum science and information.
This series of 5 public virtual professional development panels (College, Graduate School, Faculty Positions, Start-ups, and Industry) dedicated to share information on careers in the field of quantum science and information, from College t, allows to learn from students and researchers in the field what it is like to work in quantum science and get advice on navigating the various pathways.


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