Atomic and Molecular Physics/Chemistry

Using quantum techniques to study atomic and molecular physics and chemistry.

Yale research teams study many facets of atomic and molecular physics/chemistry, ranging from the phase diagram of ultracold matter, to the chemical properties of complex molecules. Using advances in laser cooling techniques and real-time spatial control of atoms, Yale researchers investigate phase transitions to exotic states of strongly-correlated quantum matter and the dynamics quantum fluids. They lead the development of techniques to trap and cool simple molecules, for searches of physics beyond the Standard Model, and explore their use for quantum computation and many-body physics of systems with long-range interactions. Yale teams also investigate a variety of techniques to study how chemical reactions, and understand fundamental properties of more complex molecular systems, from mass-selective vibrational spectroscopy, to time-resolved terahertz spectroscopy.

Charles D. Brown II
Assistant Professor of Physics
Mark Johnson Picture
Mark Johnson
Arthur T. Kemp Professor of Chemistry
Nir Navon
Assistant Professor of Physics
Patrick Vaccaro
Professor of Chemistry